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Our Award for Excellence in the Application of Digital Technology!

By Kendell Daniel / November 18, 2019

At eLearning Kings, we empower others to thrive on the edge via digital technology. It’s not just about what we do or how we do it, it’s about why we…

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Project EMC Announcement

By Kendell Daniel / July 5, 2018

It’s been 13 days since we announced our latest public-oriented project – Project EMC (eLearning Media Contractors). We were delighted to share the news with spectators at the Grenada Coalition…

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eLearning is here to stay, embrace it!

By Kendell Daniel / June 22, 2018

When the concept of eLearning emerged in the 1970s, it was quickly dismissed as one of the many fads that come and go in education. However, one doesn’t have to…

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So what’s happening? Progress? Oh yes!

By Kendell Daniel / March 18, 2018

Hi there, With the year in full-swing, we thought now would be a good time to drop an update from eLearning Kings. Of course, we can cut to the chase…

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eLearning Kings Prelaunch Expo

By Kendell Daniel / June 19, 2017

Hi, it’s Kendell from eLearning Kings. I warmly invite you to join us, eLearning Kings, at the 2017 Grenada Coalition of Services Industries Expo. Join us from Wednesday 21st to…

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