So what’s happening? Progress? Oh yes!

So what’s happening? Progress? Oh yes!

Hi there,

With the year in full-swing, we thought now would be a good time to drop an update from eLearning Kings. Of course, we can cut to the chase by letting you know we’re on the verge of our grand public opening but then, that just wouldn’t cut it, so we’ve decided to fill you in on our journey thus far.

If it’s one thing 2017 taught us, it’s this: the inception of any brilliant undertaking is not always smooth sailing. As we endeavored to steer eLearning Kings in the right direction over the past several months, we encountered a few hindrances. Fortunately, however, we were able to navigate the narrows, keep fuel in our tanks and stay on track. And so here we are today, proud to announce that the official launch of eLearning Kings is nigh!

So what’s new?

Our Mission
Upon analyzing our original mission statement (i.e. to simplify the tools and processes that empower individuals to create and consume the best of modern interactive learning), we discovered that it was more or less a simple, achievable goal; not a mission. (Hey, honesty is still the best policy, right? 😊). In response we asked ourselves, “what is it that we do for our clients that no one else does?” One word stood clear: empower. Going forward, our mission is to empower learners and educators to thrive on the edge. Bold and very simple. As a team committed to excellence, we will ensure our mission is reflected in all our strategies, products and services.

Our Location
Our office space has been our biggest setback. Just three (3) days prior to our grand opening in July 2017, we encountered some challenges that forced us to place it on hold. During that period, we had to make some tough decisions which resulted in the relocation of our headquarters. Very soon we will be operating from our new location (not saying where as yet) which will be much more conducive to productivity.

Top-notch technologies
As we worked privately with organizations, we recognized the importance of procuring new hardware and software to help streamline our processes. As such, we’ve embraced some new technologies to ensure that our educators and learners thrive on the edge.

Getting ready to take off.

The Team has been working diligently to launch our flagship project (Clever ED) which is scheduled to hit public preview in June 2018. The launch will be done in collaboration with the Caribbean Rural Communication Infrastructure Project (CARCIP), where public servants will get an opportunity to skill themselves in a Microsoft Office Word crash course, free of charge. Now, free of charge is the boring part. The interesting part will be disclosed next month so let’s keep in touch!

Getting Social-Ready

This blog post marks our first official attempt at reaching out to you socially. We don’t want you to miss a thing so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and our social media accounts below for more exciting updates!

Until then, happy teaching-learning!

Your eLearning Kings!