Project EMC Announcement

Project EMC Announcement

It’s been 13 days since we announced our latest public-oriented project – Project EMC (eLearning Media Contractors). We were delighted to share the news with spectators at the Grenada Coalition of Services Industries (GCSI) second annual exposition at the Grenada Trade Center.

In June 2017 the GCSI hosted its first, annual expo which was aimed at showcasing local services and opportunities in Grenada. We counted it a privilege to be amongst the finest service providers at that event, throughout which we were able to talk, listen and learn from numerous professionals and enthusiasts across various sectors of our economy. We received much feedback from the attendees in terms of product development, job opportunities and possible eLearning services, and so here we are, one year later, fulfilling eLearning desires and providing eLearning solutions for many through Project EMC.

Project EMC is designed to give talented Creatives, Content creators, and Service Providers a golden opportunity to partner with eLearning Kings to make eLearning services more accessible to educators. The platform utilizes the gig economy to serve educators with eLearning tasks at hand. Thus, freelancers would be able to publicize their eLearning services, serve buyers and be remunerated upon successful completion of the gig.

You may express your interest in becoming an eLearning Media Contractor by entering your email address on our website as of today, and be notified when the project is fully launched this summer. Visit today to sign up for this important notice!

Until next time, happy eLearning!